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About Iwoly

Iwoly was founded by three brothers, who flaunt years of experience in the smart home industry. Leveraging their expertise, they meticulously develop excellent cleaning products that ensure effective cleaning and high performance.

Iwoly takes the guesswork off cleaning your living space with our cutting-edge technology that makes cleaning easier, convenient and more effective. Derived from the Chinese word Iwoly (pronounced as “ai” - love + “wo”- room + “li" -"beauty"), which translates to “love our room life and make it pretty beautiful”, we strive to live up to our name.

Life Made Simple

At Iwoly, we endeavor to make everyday life easier, fun and comfortable with superior quality,  affordable and easy to use cleaning products. When you choose an Iwoly product, you rest assured that you get value for your money and maximum utility.

We provide a broad range of vacuum cleaners, steamers and steam mops carefully designed to meet your varied cleaning needs. Our eco-friendly products with cutting-edge functionalities ensure that no dirt is left behind.

Your Cleaning Needs, Our Priority

At the core of what we do, one thing is paramount; to offer cleaning solutions that meet your individual cleaning needs.

We are deeply committed to understanding our clients’ cleaning needs. Consequently, we are continuously conducting research and challenging our systems and processes to stay ahead of the market trends. We love a good challenge, and we dare to change the status quo and break new ground to deliver the most effective cleaning solutions for our customers. This provides a solid foundation to create innovative cleaning solutions inspired by the real world we live in.

Our highly skilled team of professionals is dedicated to providing premium cleaning solutions customized to your unique needs. It’s no wonder that thousands of households in Canada, Japan and the United States have trusted us to keep their homes spic and span.

We welcome you to experience the convenience, ease and comfort of Iwoly!