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How To Clean Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Iwoly

How To Clean Stick Vacuum Cleaner - Iwoly

11th June, 2021

Most people today do not like to do household chores, especially household cleaning. Although cleaning is very boring, it is necessary to take measures to keep the room tidy in order to maintain a good and clean home environment. Cloth products such as beds, sofas and curtains accumulate a lot of mites and dust and are not easily detected by the naked eye, while carpets are more likely to accumulate a lot of bacteria and other allergens. If it is a pet family, there will be an additional object that is more difficult to clean: pet hair. These substances will not only make the room look dirtier if not cleaned in time, but also affect our physical and mental health. To make cleaning more convenient and easier, vacuum cleaner has arrived to free our hands, and they can quickly remove these deeply buried dust particles and allergens. People always think that vacuum cleaners can always be efficiently clean, but in fact, if they fail to clean them in time, they may also bring the opposite effect to home cleaning. So, in this article, let's discuss how to clean your vacuum cleaner regularly in the right way and some effective tips on how to clean your vacuum cleaner.


Tips Before You Start Cleaning Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Make sure you turn on your vacuum cleaner in a well-ventilated area, as this is a dusty job.
  • Remove the vacuum cleaner's batteries
  • Always read the manual before you start cleaning your vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the unit


What Will You Need to Clean Stick Vacuum Cleaner?


  1. Water
  2. Dish soap
  3. A toothbrush for cleaning purposes
  4. Microfiber cloth
  5. Garbage bag
  6. Gloves to protect your hands


Four Step to Clean stick Vacuum Cleaner


Step 1 - Dismantle the vacuum cleaner

    Disassemble the vacuum cleaner according to the user manual. The main parts are the dust canister, the tube, the filter, and the brush.


    Step 2 - Clean the Blockages

      The most common reason for lack of suction in a vacuum cleaner is blockages, which slows and overheats the machine. To avoid such problems, make sure you empty the dust canister after every use. In addition to removing blockages from the tubes, check the hose and entrance of the machine for any debris that may lead to blockage.


      Step 3 - Clean the Filter

        Don't! Remember. A HEPA filter is made up of tightly packed fibers and cleaning or scrubbing it is likely to affect the condition of the fibers, which in turn makes the filter less effective at cleaning more than 99% of the microscopic particles. When you find that your HEPA filter is dirty, invest in a new store-bought filter.


        Step 4 - Clean the Brush

          Due to prolonged use, the vacuum cleaner's brush may have caught surface threads and hairs, and even some clumps and dried dirt. First use scissors to cut off any threads or hairs that may be blocking the brush and make sure you do not cut the bristles of the brush. Then dip the brush into a soap solution or wipe it with a vinegar solution, making sure the solution is not too concentrated or it will corrode the brush. Finally, dry the brush and use it normally again.


          How Often Should You Clean Stick Vacuum Cleaner?


          It depends on what style of vacuum cleaner you have, and generally the user manual contains specific information about vacuum cleaner maintenance. Ideally, you want to take your vacuum cleaner apart for a thorough cleaning every year, but not more than 18 months.

          how to clean vacuum cleaner - dust

          If your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dust bag, empty the contents when the bag is about two-thirds full. Any higher and the vacuum cleaner will not work effectively. The canister of a stick vacuum cleaner should also be emptied after use. If you use your vacuum cleaner every day, it should be cleaned once 1 month. Those who vacuum once or twice a week can clean once every 3 months.


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