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This Lightweight Stick Vacuum Is Zooming Up Amazon’s Best-Sellers Chart — and It’s $69 Right Now

This Lightweight Stick Vacuum Is Zooming Up Amazon’s Best-Sellers Chart — and It’s $69 Right Now

Shoppers say it’s “Dyson-like”

By Christina Butan 
November 02, 2020 07:30 PM

Amazon shoppers love a powerful and affordable stick vacuum — and this under-the-radar option is starting to catch people’s attention.

The iWoly Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a fairly new vacuum on Amazon. It just landed on the site in August and has since racked up hundreds of five-star ratings. More recently, it’s been climbing up the stick vacuum best-sellers chart, which means more shoppers are starting to add it to their carts. The iWoly vacuum comes in a bright orange color, weighs just under three pounds, and converts into a handheld thanks to several attachments it comes with, like a crevice nozzle. It also features a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which can help pick up microscopic dust, pollen, and pet dander. Although it’s made for hardwood floors, some customers say it “works great” on carpeting too.

Shoppers are surprised at just how powerful it is for its size and weight, and even go as far as saying it’s “Dyson-like.” The iWoly vacuum usually retails for a low price of $100, but you can get it for even less right now thanks to a 20 percent coupon at checkout.

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“Everyone needs one of these!” one customer raved. “Absolute best vacuum for the best price. So sleek. So lightweight. Very easy to access the debris area to dump. Works great on rugs and tile. Easy to maneuver, easy to dispose of the dirt. I am very happy with how it performs. You [will be] amazed at how much dirt and dust and hair it picks up daily.”

Several shoppers also note it’s great for picking up pet hair and pet messes, especially since cleaning the dirt bin is “ridiculously easy.”

The iWoly Stick Vacuum will only be on sale for a limited time, so we recommend scooping it up ASAP. (But even if you don’t snag it at a discount, we’d say $70 for a high-quality stick vacuum isn’t too shabby, either!)

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